Pacific Coast high-goal season produces three winners.

Whether you have been lucky enough to participate in a competitive equestrian sport or merely watched one, most will agree, equestrian sports are exciting. For those competing, the excitement might be a racing pulse as your horse clears a large hurdle in the show ring, steeplechase course or out fox hunting. For polo players excitement often means outfoxing your opponents, racing to goal and sending the ball through the uprights. In racing the excitement is feeling the wind in your face as you overtake the rest of the pack and make it to the front just before approaching the finish line. The excitement of rodeo can be sticking like glue to a fierce three-quarter ton bull for eight seconds, in stark contrast to the excitement of a little girl running to see a new pony. And who isn’t excited to see a sweet new face in the barn, nuzzling its mother on wobbly legs?

Cover artist Lisa Bostwick remembers the excitement of watching her grandfather, the late George H. “Pete” Bostwick, playing several times in Old Westbury, New York. Lisa graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a longtime art educator. Polo fans are sure to be excited about her new body of work, which includes vintage-looking paintings of her grandfather, a Hall of Famer.

No matter what type of equestrian excitement you’ve experienced, we are sure you’ll find something to remind you of that thrill in our 24th Annual Equestrian Sporting Art issue. The featured, talented artists bring to life the excitement of equestrian sports in many ways and in a variety of mediums including pastels, pencils, oils, acrylics, watercolors and sculpture.

Michelle Grant
Storm Front
Oil on canvas
30 by 60

Lisa Bostwick
Before The Match
Acrylic on wood
45 by 22.5

Linda Busse
The Hunter
Colored pencil
20 X 16

Abbey Walmsley
Split Second I
Pencil on paper
35 by 28.5

D. Haskell Chhuy
Galloping to the Sun
Oil on board
12 by 16

Bettina Ayala
Oil and pencil
54 by 48

Melinda Brewer
The Spares
18 by 13

Tucker Bailey
Let’s Go See the Pony!
Oil on board
14 by 11

Kimberly Kelly Santini
#3 Warming Up
8 by 16

Jerilyn Weber
The Chase
25 by 19

Debbie Hughbanks
Mother’s Love
12 by 9

John Lopez
Iron Star
Hybrid Metal
6’ by 12’

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