Texas men and Kentucky women take college titles, by Gwen Rizzo

The University of Kentucky women and Texas A&M men won their divisions at the National Intercollegiate Championships held at the Virginia Polo Center in harlottesville, Virginia from April 5-10.

Texas A&M men downed University of Virginia 21-17 in a very competitive final to bring the trophy home again. This year was the eighth victory for the school. After winning in 2007 and 2008, Texas A&M lost to the University of Virginia last year in a 20-17 match. UVA has won a total of nine times. This year, Texas A&M was led by All-Stars Steven Krueger and Miguel Torres. Jose Aguilar, Alex Molina and Michael Berto rounded out the team.
The tournament has been played for since 1922 when John Townsend presented the cup. The first tournament was won by Princeton. The women’s championship trophy was first presented in 1976 by Katydid Farm. Yale was the first team to have its name etched on it.

This year, the women’s Texas A&M and University of Kentucky teams made it to the final. Texas A&M has only won the tournament twice, in 1994 and 1995, while Kentucky, a relatively new team, has never had the honor. That all changed this year when University of Kentucky edged Texas A&M 15-14 in a nail-biter. Kentucky was led by All-Star Courtney Asdourian, Meghan Shader, Posey Obrecht and Cary Campbell.

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