Celebrating our 23rd annual art issue.
By Gwen Rizzo

Most people who are involved in horses enjoy being disconnected to the hectic part of their lives—cell phones, computers, work, kids—while they enjoy their equestrian pursuits. Doing so allows them to more fully experience numerous connections in the horse world. That connection very often is with one or more of their favorite horses—the horse so in tune with them it responds to the slightest signal. A rider may also enjoy connecting with the polo ball, sending it downfield or even better connecting with the goal to win a match. For fox hunters it may be connecting with not only their horse, but with the hounds, who listen for every signal. The connection may be the close bond of a mare and foal or of barn
mates who enjoy spending so much time together. In bull riding, the cowboy hopes for a connection to the bull, lasting, it is hoped, at least 8 seconds!

The connection doesn’t have to be just with a horse and rider. Horses often grow close to dogs, cats, goats, donkeys or other animals they may spend a lot of time with in the barn. In many instances, the caregiver and horse form a close connection after spending so many of their days together. Many grooms consider their horses to be their kids. As you enjoy the many examples of connections in the horse world, think about the connections you enjoy and observe in your equestrian pursuits..

Kathleen Keil Hill,
Big Sky, oil, 16 by 12, 2006

Maria Evangelina Rodriguez,
Omega II, ink and acrylic on watercolor paper, 27 by 40, 2007

Nancy Alcott,
Polo Mares: Three Generations, watercolor and prisma, 14 by 24, 2005

Patricia Byram, J.B. and Partner
Watercolor 18 by 26, 2005

Alison Burnett, Eclipse
Charcoal on paper, 18 by 24, 2007
Courtesy of Chisholm Gallery

Melinda Brewer,
Head Rest, Watercolor, 14 by 9, 2008

Stephanie Come-Ryker,
Nailing It, Acrylic on canvas, 60 by 48, 2007

Sandra M. Forbush,
Huntsman and Hounds, Oil on linen, 16 by 20, 2007

Rita Williams,
Working Class, Pencil, 91/2 by 171/2, 1996

Phyllis Allen Eifert,
Waiting, Patinaed bronze, 19 by 6 by 111/4

Angela Hook, Power Steering
Nickel-plated copper wire, 10 by 31/2 by 81/2, 2007

Lisa Perry, The Wrecking Crew
Bronze, 44 by 44, 2008

Sal Vasquez,
Every Second Counts, Oil, 18 by 20, 2008

R.L. Ewell,
Blonde Girl and Blazed Horse, Watercolor, 20 by 16, 2007

Helen Scanlon, Collected
Charcoal and Conté crayon on paper, 191/2 by 251/2, 2008

Joan Porter Jannaman,
Advice from Dad, Oil on canvas, 10 by 8, 2007

Melissa Hornung,
Going for Goal, Acrylic on canvas, 36 by 24, 2007

Vonn Rosser,
Follow Through, Mixed media, 36 by 26, 2008

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