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Back issues of POLO Players' Edition can be purchased for $5.00 plus shipping. Some highlights of past articles include:

Club Tips: (May '98)
A look at 10 important tips for making your club a success.

Club Umpiring Guide: (May '98)
by Peter J. Rizzo:
Professional Umpire Steve Lane shares with us some of the more important aspects of umpiring at the club level.

Breeding Polo Ponies: (March '98)
by Gwen Rizzo:
Before you breed that favorite mare who is getting too old to continue playing, consider the risks and costs involved.

Polo Field Maintenance: (Oct '97)
by Gwen Rizzo
There's more to maintaining a polo field than just cutting the grass.

Why called Polo Ponies: (May '92)
by Marty Legrand
Finally the answers to some of the most frequently asked question about polo, as well as some you've probably never thought of.

Buying Green Horses: (March '91)
by Samantha Hamilton: Tips on uncovering the diamond in the rough: Where to go for green horses and what to look for when you get there

July 2008
Chile is Hot
Chileans overcome defending-champion Brazil to win FIP.

June 2008
Open Repeat
The Cambiaso-led team dominates for second year.

May 2008
Repeat Performance
UConn women, Texas A&M men take college championships.

April 2008
Dream of the Year
Game of the year raises needed money.

March 2008
Women at the Top
Florida's high-goal women hold their own.

February 2008
La Dolfina wrecks Ellerstina’s chance for triple crown

January 2008
Arena Aces
Interscholastic Stars Shine in Championship Final

December 2007:
Great Goose
Goose Creek Team Earns Silver Cup.

November 2007:
22nd Annual Sporting Art Issue

October 2007:
It's Zacara!
Roldán leads team to PCO victory.

September 2007:
Hall of Fame
Player sets his sights on 10 goals.

July 2007:
Road Ends
Canada eliminates USA in FIP bid.

June 2007:
Cambiaso continues to dominate polo.

May 2007:
A Tribute to Summerfield K. Johnston
One of America's Top Patrons Dies Doing What He Loved.

March 2007:
An Oasis of Polo
Eldorado thrives in the desert 50 years after its founding.

February 2007:
Just Enough
La Dolfina wins open in OT on a shot by Castagnola.

January 2007:
rime Fighter, Polo Player
TV host Walsh assists in investigation of slain polo player.

December 2006:
Isla Carroll Edge
Team takes Texas Open in Squeaker .

November 2006:
21st Sporting Art Issue.

October 2006:
Duende's Day
Team takes Pacific Coast Open for second straight year.

September 2006:
Pink Ribbon Polo
Players get together for a worthy cause.

August 2006:
Proud Papas
Our pictorial captures players enjoying some down time with their children.

July 2006:
Sand by Storm
Players take over South Beach.

June 2006:
Peak Performance
Las Monjitas shows no mercy in US Open.

May 2006:
2005 Polo Excellence Awards
Recognizing outstanding talent in the sport today.

April 2006:
Bombay Display
Team takes second win in two years.

March 2006:
Trial and Error
Breeders look for the best formulas for creating top ponies.

February 2006:
La Dolfina Shines Again
Cambiaso and company prove they've still got game.

January 2006:
Flying High in L.A.
Club's tourney shoots the moon.

December 2005:
Astradas Glitter
Brothers govern gold cup in Aiken.

November 2005:
Celebrating 20 years of beautiful equestrian art.

October 2005:
Duende Does It
Team works its way through season to win finale.

September 2005:
Polo's Monsters
Who are they and where do they hide?

By Gwen Rizzo

August 2005:
Tack King
Polo's Tony Coppola celebrates 30 years in the business

By Gwen Rizzo

July 2005:
Battle of the best
Top 10-goal legends play for money, top prizes

By Gwen Rizzo

June 2005:
Broken Curse
White Birch Beats all Odds to Win US Open

By Gwen Rizzo

May 2005:
2004 Polo Exccellence Awards
Honoring those at the top of their game.

April 2005:
Eight Is Enough
Bombay Sapphire and Crab Orchard
Top 10-goalers raise $275,000 for fallen comrades.

March 2005:
Snow Man
Alberdi takes sixth snow polo victory.

February 2005:
Heguys Again!
Indios Chapaleufú takes Open by Storm!

January 2005:
Go, Girls!
Women of all ages came from around the United States and even other parts of the world to compete

December 2004:
Self-made Polo.
A businessman and a pro team up to create New Bridge Polo in Aiken.

November 2004:
Viva Brazil.
Team takes third championship amid pomp, parties and pageantry.

October 2004:
California Dream...
Snow builds, then leads team to victory in Santa Barbara.
By Gwen Rizzo

September 2004:
Little Big Club
The Bighorn Polo Club has reason to boast.
By Sam Morton

August 2004:
Paradise in the Pampas
The land of Argentina is so much more than simply polo.
By Gwen D. Rizzo

June 2004:
Open Present
Isla Carroll wraps up U.S. Open on its 100th anniversary.
By Gwen D. Rizzo

November 2003:
Instructor's Forum
Shooting from the hip.
By Mike Harris

August 2003:
Seabiscuit's polo connection
By Gwen D. Rizzo

August 2003:
Rising on the Edge (of the World)
A family trail-riding trip in Ireland brings danger at first but ultimately unforgettable memories
By Peter Rizzo

January 2003:
Dancing the dance
Adam Snow joins the elite corps of 10-goalers, making it an even dozen.
By Gwen D. Rizzo

August 2002:
Polo science
Rege Ludwig's clinic prompts
"Hey! This really works!"

By Judy L. Doyle

March 2002
Polo's Newest Tiger
Meet the future of 10-goaldom, a 16-year-old Argentine who jumped from 3 to 6 goals in one day
by Gwen Rizzo

January 2002
Chapaleufú: back on top
Cambiaso and company dominate the Argentine season but lose the Open to the 1995 champions
By Matías Dell'Anno

December 2001
Poloist's polo list
The founder of Palm Beach Polo and a player for 65 years, Bill Ylvisaker, has some advice you might want to consider.
By Gwen Rizzo

July 2001
Black & White
Tips for the players in striped shirts.
By Gwen Rizzo

May 2001:
Boca Polo's redemption
Jack Oxley's team finally goes from underdog to top dog after a five-year USPA Gold Cup drought.
By Peter Rizzo