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Scholastic and collegiate regional winners advance to final

June 2020

Intercollegiate and interscholastic polo teams were working hard all season. Ten intercollegiate teams and 12 interscholastic teams earned a chance to compete in the national championships. That was before COVID-19, which forced the championships to be postponed until further notice.

If they are not able to be played, it will be the first time the men’s intercollegiate championships haven’t been played since 1946. The women’s intercollegiate championships have never missed a year since it was established in 1976. The open interscholastic championships have been held each year since 1970, the first year they were brought back after WWII. The girls’ interscholastic championships haven’t missed a years since being established in 1991.

Organizers hope to reschedule the National Intercollegiate and National Interscholastic Open and Girls Championships later this year. In the meantime, let’s congratulate the teams that qualified.

Central Men’s Preliminary Winner
Texas Tech

Coach Walker Rainey, Anson Moore, Hiram Gandara, Zachary Francis, Jair De La Pena and Ricky Moore with David Ragland

Central Women’s Preliminary Winner
Texas Christian University

Brianna Wolkober, Morgan McBride, Sarah Hibbitts, Kaylin Bender and Coach Vaughn Miller

Central Men’s Regional Winner
University of North Texas

Vance Miller, Andrew Scott, Vaughn Miller Jr. and Coach Vaughn Miller

Central Women’s Regional Winner
Texas A&M University

Whitney Walker, Ally Vaughn, Courtney Price, Madison Lange, Hannah Reynolds, Ashley Dillard and Coach Mike McCleary

Southeastern Men’s Regional Winner
University of Virginia

Jack McLean, Brennan Wells, Ignacio Viana, Parker Pearce and Coach Lou Lopez

Southeastern Women’s Regional Winner
University of Virginia

Grace Burgert, Demitra Hajimihalis, Maddie Grant and Coach Lou Lopez

Northeastern Women’s Preliminary Winner
University of Guelph

Charlotte Harvie, Natasha Slawnych, Mac Pearsall, Isabella Mauti, Krista Pearce, Brittany Howard and Sara Dwyer

Southeastern Women’s Preliminary Winner
Michigan State University

Serena Luplow, Phoebe Moll, Stesha Payne and Elly Schwingel

Western Men’s Regional Winner
Oregon State University

Andrew Hobson, Wyatt Weaver and Joel Potyk

Western Women’s Regional Winner
Point Loma Nazarene University

Pricila Villa, Addy Fuller, Molly Agee, Sydney Falk and Samantha Whitley



Southeastern Preliminary I Winner
Franklin Polo Academy

Jacob Wallace, Allyssa Morgan, Caroline Mooney and Zachary Wallace with Coach James Armstrong

Southeastern Preliminary II Winner
West Shore
Cate Godey, Lucy Steele, Victoria Picha and Sarah Lynch

Northeastern Regional Winner
Gardnertown Polo Club

Coaches Bill Denker and Dan Scott
Taylor Palacios, Vlad Tarashansky, Jonathan Wallace and Matteo Chaux (Winston Painter, not pictured)

Southeastern Regional Winner
Maryland Polo Club
Coach Kelly Wells
Jordan Peterson, Aurora Knox, Grace Beck and Kevin Horton (Aidan Tydings, not pictured)

Central Regional Winner
Houston Polo Club
Coach Mark Prinsloo
Lance Stefanakis, Charles Fridge, Ashvath Bhatia and Christian Fridge

Western Regional Winner
Central Coast Polo Club
Coach Megan Judge
Sarah Espy, Morgan Manos, Taylor Olcott and Josh Falk


Northeastern Preliminary Winner
Cornell Polo Club
Christina Beeba, Phoebe Whitham, Charlotte Hay, Chloe Chong, Lara Chong and Susanna Manns

Southeastern Preliminary Winner
Maryland Rebels

Brianna Jordan, Gracie Fleischmann, Kylie Beard and Zoey Bivalacqua

Northeastern Regional Winner
Boston Polo Club

Coach Mark Tashjian
Emerson Bruce, Brynn Roberts, Julia Schaefer and Ariadne Dogani

Southeastern Regional Winner
Aiken Polo Club

Coach Tiger Kneece
Robyn Leitner, Reagan Leitner, Summer Kneece and Sophie Grant

Central Regional Winner
Houston Polo Club
Coach Mark Prinsloo
Cara Kennedy, Bridget Price, Lillian Lequerica, Abigail Benton and Isabel Artzer

Western Regional Winner
Maui Polo Club

Coach Herman-Louis DeCoite
Maya Miller, Alana Benz, Kaiana Holland, Laura Coflin and Sunny Diller

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